Most Profitable & Efficient Bitcoin Mining Pool

Receive the highest quality customer service with lowest fees
The most efficient and secure mining pool
No more worries with top-notch customer service

ASIC Miners have been sold last 12 months

100+ MW

Large-scale Data Center designed and built

50+ MW

Mining machine hosting

1,750+ PH/s

NovaBlock Mining Pool
Top 10 public mining pool within 6 months


NovaBlock Mining Pool

North American based Bitcoin Mining Pool, quickly rose to top 10 within 6 months of launching.

NovaPPS+ rewarding system bears the risk of "bad luck" and maximizes your profits.

Pool fee is 30% lower than market average with special discounts available! Reach out to learn more.

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Other Services

What else we can offer beyond mining pool? More than you can imagine.
Here you'll know what you are able to get from NovaBlock bitcoin mining one-stop service platform.

Mining Equipment Purchase

All-Inclusive Miner Hosting Service

Data Center Design & Construction

NovaBlock Mining Pool

Bitcoin Mining Investment

Miner Mall

Interested in purchasing miners? Look no further!
We have direct and long-term relationships with the manufacturers of mining equipment.

New - Direct from Manufacturer

Used - P2P channels

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Miner Hosting & Colocation

Looking for the most reliable & professional Data Center hosting with the lowest cost for your bitcoin miners? You are in the right place.
Strategic partnerships with multiple companies worldwide to provide you with the best rates no matter where you are in the world.

Transparent pricing: your monthly costs shouldn't be an unknown

Strategic Facilities for Cost-Effective Mining

Remote hands, online monitoring & support

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Data Center Design & Construction

With the most promising tech of tomorrow, NovaBlock can help customers design and build professional and efficient Data Centers.

Modular, Flexible, Agile & Efficient

Different demands, different solutions:

SMDC - Smart Modular Data Center

IMDC - Immersion Modular Data Center

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Bitcoin Mining Investment

Hire us to consult on your project and help you save time and money on bitcoin mining investment!

Deep industry knowledge and connections

Negotiating on your behalf for best pricing and terms

Plugged into over 100 providers across the world

Get a customized investment plan right now!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Kevin M.Smith CEO of BTCloud

Great mining pool, very consistent payouts!

Our company started to use NovaBlock in October 2019 and NovaBlock never let us down. Payouts are consistent and we have our own calculator so pools are not “skimming” profits. They have been 99% or better on payouts since we started and it was really lucky that we found NovaBlock.

Very transparent team!

I reached out to NovaBlock for hosting and the team has always impressed me with their professionalism. The electricity bill is very clear and always the same. They treat all clients well regardless of size, big or small.

Peter S. Kirby CTO of AceMining

Amazing service!

We met NovaBlock last year (2019) for purchasing 2,400 unit ASIC miners from them and this team has a very prompt reply which makes the business went very smooth. Meanwhile, all team members in NovaBlock are extremely professional in every process of mining field such as exporting ASIC miners from China to US, shipping part and calculating part. After we finished order from them, it is also surprised to find that they invented a new technology SMDC-Smart Rack for Data Center construction. Although at first we can not see any photos on it due to confidential reason, luckily we choose SMDC and it works really amazing! Almost 100% online rate and increase our profit! (PS, Yuki is great, very transparent, very patient, very professional, always impress me, thanks Yuki)

Interesting Investment for Bitcoin Mining!

It was a really great service that NovaBlock provided with! I heard from one of my VC friends for bitcoin mining and he introduced me to NovaBlock. Although I only sent an interested email to NovaBlock, they really give me an impressive answer in every detail. Now my investment has been doubled and I highly believed it will be triple soon!



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