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ABOUT NOVABLOCK NovaBlock mining pool is affiliated to a high-tech company that focuses on providing customers with a truly one-stop cryptocurrency mining service and realizing the layout of the entire industry chain with technology and services as its core value. The company is headquartered in San Jose (USA) and has independent offices in Calgary (Canada), Hong Kong (China) and Beijing (China). NovaBlock mining pool devoted to maximizing customers’ profit and ultimately achieving decentralization of hashrate for the Bitcoin community. Every customer will be helped by our experienced team, which is assembled with highly professional experts and experienced staff. YUKI S PRESIDENT & CEO A senior practitioner in the bitcoin industry, with abundant bitcoin industry resources and precise industry insight. Successfully operated many large public and private mining pools and also built over 200 MW Data Center in North America, Kazakhstan and China. Location: San Jose (USA), Hong Kong (China), Beijing (China) CHARLES P CHAIRMAN & CEO Experienced technical developer in the cryptocurrency industry over 7 years. Expert in developing and operating mining pools, wallet and cryptocurrency software. Participated in developing several cryptocurrency projects including mining pool, wallets and ASIC chips. Location: San Jose (USA) WONKEOL L Managing Partner Expert in fundraising and international project management. Profound experiences in global cryptocurrency projects. CEO of L2 Networks and COO of Trust Us Poing Service. Location: Seoul (South Korea) IVAN Y VICE PRESIDENT & CTO (ENGINEERING) Professional cryptocurrency engineer with profound experience in data center development and operation. Experienced data center designer with more than 3 years of data center construction experience and extensive software engineering skills. Location: San Jose (USA), Beijing (China) ZOEY L CTO (SOFTWARE) Professional experience in software development. Expert in internet framework and 6 years of expertise in coding and blockchain technology. Location: San Jose (USA) VINCENT V GLOBAL BUSINESS DIRECTOR Senior practitioner in the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry. Canadian mechanical engineer. Years of working experience in business development, data center construction, power generation, hardware acquisitions, mining pool operation. Location: Calgary (Canada), San Jose (USA) SHIRLEY Z OPERATION DIRECTOR Years of working experiences in the cryptocurrency industry. Profound experiences in global marketing and public relations area; Professional in enterprise agile management. Location: Beijing (China) KATHY Z PROJECT DIRECTOR Profound experiences in project management and problem solving as well as international communication. In-depth understanding of cultural and economic environment in the Russian-speaking areas especially Russia and Central Asia. Location: Beijing (China)Manager Team: Kent L.Senior Operation Manager Zac Y. ZSenior Product Manager Shane WSenior Front-End Engineer Daimpas KSenior Back-End Engineer Steve W. NSenior Back-End Engineer Sam MMaintenance Engineer  Gary TProject Assistant NovaBlock continuously providing all-in-one solutions to high-end customers, from mining pool developing and smart modular data center construction, to smart software providing and consulting services. Also, some relative cryptocurrency products based on high technology are under developing and testing. Finally, NOVABLOCK TECHNOLOGY is committed to establishing new standards in various segments, cooperating with a highly professional team and providing diversified high-tech products as well as top-notch services to take a leading position in the mining industry.

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