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NovaBlock SMDC™

NovaBlock SMDC™ is a new generation Data Center solution with complete integration of smart racks, which includes 4 systems: Electrical System, Network System, HVAC System, Smart Management Software System and much more.

Modularization: Easy to transport and assemble even though you changed the site one day

Modern Tech Look: Pretty, tidy and professional look style when showing this modern Data Center to your investment team.

SMDC Business Introduction 2020.pdf

NovaBlock IMDC™

NovaBlock is working on our first immersion-cooling mining facility in United States, powered by utility-electricity. The immersion technology can provide future solution to high density mining facility with its amazing value:

Up to 25% power consumption reduction

Up to 60% hashrate increase

Up to 2~3 times hashrate density increase

More than 50% equipment lifespan increase

IMDC Business Introduction 2020.pdf

Service Process

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Data Center Construction

Early Communication

Technical Blueprint

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Initial Design Proposal


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