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ASIC Miners have been sold last 12 months

We support purchases of mining equipment from all miner brands (Bitmain, Whatsminer, Innosilicon, Ebang, new manufacturers, etc) at the best price and complete due diligence on all new manufacturers in the space.

We have a community of 5,000 miners worldwide who buy and sell equipment 24/7 everyday.

We cooperate with businesses that have good reputation. NovaBlock ensures that all due diligence is completed on all transaction partners.

We have professional team for inspecting mining machines when shipping the equipment.

We have experts to export mining machines globally.


The experts from NovaBlock aim to test all new miners released to market to ensure that we have the best understanding of all equipment and provide the best recommendations to our clients to fit their needs. Extensive reviews of all miners can be found in the NovaBlock Miner Lab.

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